Well Here you are


Ok Hobbies. (just the high lights or the list would be amazingly long)

Some computer programming and such.

I fix things.

I care for a greenhouse full of plants, I mostly am interested in Aquatics and Carnivorous types (actually marsh and bog plants in general, and mosses.) but some Orchids are in the mix.

I read when ever I can: earth sciences and space exploration mostly.

Painting, drawing, sculpting etc. are in my vocabulary

I greatly enjoy metal working Ancient through Modern. I am a Trained and experienced Machinist.  I have forged and folded blades for knives and daggers. I enjoy casting and jewelry making, all though space currently prohibits many of my pursuits.
( I over use "I")

Ancient siege weapons are a constant interest.

Games, I play games.
              'Mech Warrior: Dark Age
              Dungeons & Dragons
              Tunnels & Trolls
              Numerous Board Games
              Rune Quest

I should do a full Bio but this mini-Bio will have to do:

For now just the simple stuff: Born Dec '61,  Male
Public school through 2nd grade then private through HS.
Eight or more years of JC, focusing not on a degree but on career specific courses and art.
CLCLA Computer training.
LANTMA Machinist training.
Other than a little book keeping my work has been mostly in custom automation participating in every aspect of the building of application specific machines many of them one of a kind.  Injures and other factors forced me to leave my chosen field.  Now I work for a company founded by my Wife.  ( drum roll please ) KNIGHT WARE Inc.