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Current Green house


Maiden's Hair Fern Frond, (Leaf?) Plant grown from spore by me.

Oncidium Orchid Blossum.

More from same plant.

 Green House Controller
Green house controller  2 PLCs and lots o' other stuff but the Green House and Yard are all controlled from here.

It is Finally on the wall; Controll pannel not shown.

InterGeneric Orchid

We just got this beauty.

Un known Orchad

 Got to find the name for this guy...

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Kyra Wolf  Tundra Wolf 'Mec

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Mech Slipped

Wile Makeing Repairs to this poor Crushed 'Mech I chances uppon the Bananna Peel Pose I thought it was funny
so I took a shot.

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Universal Biohazard symbol.

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