(The Meaning of the acronym was lost years ago but the name stuck)


Long ago when my Apple II was new I played a game called Wizardry, and it was good. I did notice though that it was a solitary endeavor sure we could get several friends around the computer and have one "Drive" wile we all took part in the play process but I thought there had to be a way to give every body a seat. I also noticed that you could not modify your environment, make changes, Graffiti, bust doors, dig new tunnels, build things, create things, invent things, craft new spells etc. The world was small, static, and single user. I quickly became aware of MUDs running on mainframe and mini-mainframe computers. These solved to some extent the single user issue but the world was still small and static. My game play had moved on to Might & Magic and I liked the richer graphic environment, sort-of, the way some of the map objects were done seemed like poor symbolic billboard representations, the effect was actually rather spastic. All of this time I had been learning to program and pound on keyboards, (the best and truest way to identify a poor programmer). It has not helped my cause that I was born "Hyperactive" (in 1961 that is all they called it), Dyslexia is also annoying (but mild). I have however kept at it over the years and learned some, very few tricks. My interaction with a mini-mainframe showed me that you could have as many users (terminals) as you had serial ports, but the physical limits on that amounted to; Not Many. I wanted a big world, well huge really, when I got an IBM PC-XT I tried to generate a map using a simple algorithm 21mb of space seemed huge, Disk Full Error! Poor old hard drive I just hadn't done the math, My map will take (in round numbers) 14tb, yes thatís FOURTEEN TERRABYTES. Or so I thought, turns out my math is awful, the real value is Just about 368PB ( petabytes ), It will be some time before any server can hold this project. I was and am little ahead of the storage curve. But I have decided that wile Technology is catching up with my needs my programming should continue to catch up with technology, and I have continued my work sporadically 1981 to the present, and continuing. I may never finish but perhaps the journey is the point of it all. Currently I am learning (painfully slowly) about Ray Traced Graphics, and Java, and C++, and Ruby.